Color variables gets added and override my own variables when publishing to production - and not on staging domain

Hi there,

I was making a few changes to a site of a client, and for some reason when I showcased the changes and we published the site to production, one of the color variables on the site (called pink-100) changed to a new and different pink. The changes I did didn’t even involve changing or adding new color variables.

In the designer, it’s still the same color it’s supposed to be, and also when I publish to the staging domain, everything is normal and works as it should. Only on the production domain it’s a completely new color.

When I inspect one of the pages on the published site, it looks like 50 or so new color-variables have been added to “:root:not(.w-editor) {}”. And here I can see my “pink-100” variable gets overridden.

The tag doesn’t appear when I inspect the published site on the staging domain, and I have never seen that tag or seen that happen before. Does anybody know about this and have and idea what could be the issue?

Thank you for your help!

Site read only link: Webflow - Brain Biscuit
Published site link: