Color selector on collection item


Im working on a ecommerce site in Webflow and was wondering if this “selector-color-style” is a custom written code or is it possible to do it without code in Webflow? Is it a standar presets? Please see the attached screenshot and link. Its actually from the webflow store merch. A user have the possibility to select between colors on some of the items.

Thanks for any advice!

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Hi @nictur.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after is possible with our seamless Webflow integration:

Products are managed 100% with Webflow CMS, meaning you can save $$$ and take advantage of CMS fields, colors, etc. Setup will vary depending on how you want to handle colors/variants.

Feel free to email us with your read-only link and details on your project needs and we’ll do our best to get you pointed in the right direction:


Hi Josh,

Thank you so much! I’ll have a look and will contact you. Really, thanks a lot!

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