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Color images load in black and white before turning full color

Dear webflow / website design experts and friends,
I’ve encountered a problem that a div image turned from black and white to color every time it refreshes/reloads. I have compressed the image to only 280 KB, But it still has this issue. this is what it looks like. I am wondering if it’s image size is still too large to load smoothly. or could be some other issues cause this problem. please help. thank you very very much.

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Most likely you are using progressive jpeg files.

thank you for replying, do you know how to avoid using progressive JPG then? is there anyway to make it non-progressive image? thanks a ton!

This would be addressed with you image editor, on save. If the images were provided to you encoded that way, you would need to open them and export them as regular jpegs in your favorite editor.