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Color field in CMS retuns HSLA. What about HEXA?


I was about to discuss this issue, but it seems it has been resolved…
I had to return an hexa value from the CMS color field in a custom code section, but it returned an HSLA() value. I tested it a last time writing this post, and what a surprise when I saw it was finally an HEXA color…

So my question now is : will it change again next days ? Because I have to be sure it won’t :wink: !
Thanks !

I up this question because, once the site published, the code of color appears as hsla(57.19148936170212, 83.61%, 44.54%, 1.00) , although in the designer space, I have #F70C6A.
How can I get a #F70C6A color from the collection ? How can I be sure of how it will display ?