Color changing svg above color changing div


I have a color changing gradient div as the center of my website, but I also want de SVG image above the div to change with the div, is there any way to do this?
The site I am talking about is:


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @SanderFrentz!

Why not use just DIV element, instead of SVG? And make it within Webflow ?

For example: Hero section, and section below. Both Section position is Relative.
Inside of hero - make a Gradient DIV same gradient as section below, set height to 400px (adjust as needed), and width 100%. And it’s position is Absolute, and aligned to bottom.
Then apply Transforms to the DIV section, skew and move down.

I Have attached an example below:
Live preview:
Editor Preview: ( Select second page )

Edit: Updated with your Javascript by adding another class to target .gradient-skew.

Hope this helps.

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Yes it worked! Thanks a lot!