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Collections showing incorrectly designer/editor

When I update an item (Course) on my collection (Courses) there is a bug where it views an incorrect number of items (3) despite me filtering to 2. The overlap shown is clearly wrong as the design appends the items. Additionally the information is wrong (Free as opposed to $60 as shown above) so I’m not sure how to remove it. When I do, it deletes other items from the page randomly.

Link: Webflow - Gleans

It shows 2 items I think, but have you accidentally put 2 Course Card elements in the same CMS item?

It shows 3 items. And even when I delete that element it deletes 2 things?

Ok I get it.

  1. you have several Course Card elements in the CMS Item element, keep only 1
  2. now only 1 course shows up. Even if you remove all the filters of the list, only 1 shows up
  3. it’s because on the link element of the card (the card itself), there’s a conditional visibility saying “show when link is set”. And in your collection, the link is set for only 1 element.

Thanks Vincent, that seems to have solved it.

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