Collections Items - View More, View Less Options

Hello Webflow friends. I was hoping someone might point me in the direction of any resources on how I can have a collection list show more or less items based on clicking a text link. Basically, I am using JetBoost filters and using the dropdown block (on the shared link it’s the "Dropdown Filters Multi-Link page and I’m looking at the Tags dropdown) where the collection list is. Initially, I only want to show 3 items and then upon clicking a “View More” text link the rest of the collection shows. Then, upon clicking a “View Less” text link, it returns to original three items.

I realize one could use the native Webflow pagination (but this doesn’t do what I’d like to achieve as the purpose in this case is show the entire universe of options and hide the entire universe of options, not to iteratively show 3 new items.

I also tried Jetboosts’ advanced pagination boost and set the initial items to 3 and then the what happens on “Show More” click, just put 100. This worked beautifully but it doesn’t then allow me to hide all of what was revealed.

Any thoughts or tips?

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