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Collections Issues

Have a site running and working perfectly. Items in collection and showing on page. But today all of the sudden the connection from the data base seems to not be working. There had been an auto save. Reverted to the version before auto save and it works perfectly again. Was the auto save because of changes?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Thank you so much for posting this @jdesign we’re looking in to this and I’ll reach out as soon as I have an update! :bowing_man:

Okay. It was impacting the live site by the way. With no records available message.

@jdesign did you by chance get a screenshot of what you were seeing on your end?

Could you please send me a link to the site where you were seeing the behavior? Please feel free to send it over a DM if you cannot share it publicly.

@Waldo So this problem is back and impacting a live site. Emailed priority support a bit ago.

Hi @jdesign, thanks, I responded to your ticket request with a request for some additional info. Thanks in advance.

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