Collections + HTML

Hi Guys.
Im using collections to crate my website blog.
now, i used facebook API to allows users Comments with their facebook accounts on the bottom of the blog posts. now… to count the numbers of the comments im using this code:

<span class="fb-comments-count" data-href=""></span>

to allows comments in the bottom of the page im using this code

<div class="fb-comments" data-href="" data-numposts="5"></div>

now…my question its how can i change the URL thats inside the code from post to post with collections?

so for example in one post it will be

<span class="fb-comments-count" data-href=""></span>

and in the other one it will be

<span class="fb-comments-count" data-href=""></span>

i saw that in another post

and its seems like its possible with that option… but the problem its that i dont have that option. :frowning:

another question its… i wanna ad a view counter to everypost… how can i do that?
thank a lot!

I would contact support about this one. Its a little more in-depth that members may want to dig into. I’m sure they’ll point you in the right direction :grin:

The solution was actully kind of easy.
you cant use a dynamic field just when you edit a CMS Collection page.

Aw dang, I forgot about that… you’re right… then it automatically grabs that specific label. Cool, glad it worked out.