Collections home page thumbnail arrangement order—SOLVED

I’m working with “Collections” for the first time. I am not using them for a blog or content that needs to be populated in chronological order.

My intent / what I’ve done:

  • I’ve created a “Work Collection”
  • the “Work Template” will be for individual portfolio project details
  • the home page should display one thumbnail for each project that when clicked will take the user to its detail page

My problem:

  • the home page thumbnails are displaying per the time they were created, newest to oldest
  • I don’t want the thumbnails to be displayed this way—I need to be able to choose the order of the arrangement
  • I need to be able to add, delete or rearrange the order at any time

As there is no way to “drag to reorder” under the Collections panel, how do I change the order without having to recreate each “Work” in a specific order every time I want to make an arrangement change?

Here is my public share link:

What will your criteria be for deciding when something should be rearranged?

You can set a sort order to be random if you just want to have the display to change.
You can also use a field to assign a number to each item and then sort based on the field.

Hey @AlexN,

The order would simply be my personal preference. I may want to add a work between two existing works or place a new work at the end of all the others. So the second option you mention seems would be best for me at this point. However that could become quite tedious if I decided to showcase more than six projects, having to change each works number with each addition or order change.

Can you direct me to a tutorial on how to assign numbers to each item?

try adding a Number field to your Dynamic Collection

@PixelGeek Just tried this. I gave one of the six items the number “1” and another, the number “6” and the arrangement didn’t change…what did I do wrong? lol

***The last six thumbnails are the once being “served” from “Collections.” The first six show the order I wish to achieve.

@PixelGeek eek Per your additional instruction during today’s webflow workshop, I’ve got this working! Thanks.


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