Collections compared to relational database

How do collections compare to relational databases.

Many moons ago I used to build ColdFusion apps using MS SQL. So I am used to thinking in terms of tables holding specific sets of data and building “one to many” and “one to one” relationships etc.

Can collections be thought of in this way? Or am I coming at this with the wrong concept?

Thanks for your input and guidance.


Hi @Ambrose, thanks for the post. At a high level, you can think of Collections as tables, and collection items as records. There is not a select query per say, but you can set filters and limits etc on the Dynamic List wrappers, which could be equated with the concept of a select query.

i.e. if you have a collection of blog posts(a table) and each blog post is a collection item(record) and you can display a list of the collection items using a dynamic list (select query).

The dynamic list goes further than a query in that you can bind your html elements to the fields in the collection.

That may not be the best analogy, but a basic comparison. Check out the CMS lessons to get a full overview how to use the CMS:

I think Webflow is built with MongoDB?

Cyberdave is right though, I also like to think of it as relational on a high level as I work in SQL

What would be cool, is to extend the queries to something akin in my media player

Great - thanks Dave. Helps to wrap my tiny brain around it :slight_smile: