Collections and URL

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to build blog and I wish to organize all the website through username.
Examples of expected URL[user_name]/[articles_name_from_user][user_name]/[reviews_name_from_user]

I made 3 collections : users, articles and reviews with a reference to users collection.

Can you help me in having the right URLs?

Thanks for your help,

Unfortunately CMS URL’s in Webflow are strictly structured as;

There are no other options built in to Webflow.

When businesses really need differently-structured URLs, they will typically setup a reverse proxy solution. If you search the forums you’ll find some discussions of that, it’s fairly technical but will give you a lot more URL flexibility.

If it’s just a personal, fun site, you could use a script based approach.

However in your case, I’m not sure how any of those would work, because [user_name] won’t be especially easy to do lookups and redirection programming with.

I’m curious is the [user_name] you’re referring to a slug in a ref-linked Collection?