Collections advice needed

Hi I am creating an event website.

What I am trying to do is have a collection template for events that a coming up. Within this event template I will be adding content, however when the event has been I wish to change the content and the layout of the template.

Is there anyway that I can do this, by having a events collection template for coming up events and an event collection template for events that have happened?

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My recommendations would be:

Option 1:
Create a page where you can add your past events and show them there with that specific design that you want


Option 2:
Create styles inside your events template and set a switch in your event collection “past” and use condition visibility for the styles and elements for the past events that activates them when the switch for past events is ON.

I hope that explained myself.

Let me know.


Hey, thanks for the info I will give it a go!



I have just done a site with music events forthcoming. As aaronocampo accurately described - this is exactly how I would do it. Try using flexbox too, it really helped me, you just need to read up a bit on it.

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