Collection Wrapper with "collums" under Type option or Grid


I have a question for my understanding.Today I found out that I can give a collection wrapper the option “collums” under “more type option”.

This will distribute the contents/images according to the number of collums I specified.

I discovered this through the project “”.

My question is, can you do something like this with a grid that adjusts the content automatically and without gaps.

So far I have noticed that the line in a grid always adapts to the largest content. There are many gaps.

Which doesn’t look good for block entries.
How do you do that?

best thanks

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Hi @FromMuc, can you please post your read-only link so we can take a look? The one in the footer of your message isn’t working :slight_smile: thanks!

Look at this:

The first gallery ist just acollection wrapper with the options under “more type option” with the option 3 collums.

The section below is a grid.

My question is, how can i realize the first gallery with a grid.

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Hey @FromMuc

If you want to use grid for your dynamic content/collection item, you need to set the collection list to display grid.

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hi Piter,

thanks i gorgotten that, but when i set the collection List as a Grid:
I made one now as grid.

I get big gaps between the pictures.
Which settings i have to use to avoid such gapping?


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Hey @FromMuc

See here >

Hope this helps :webflow_heart:


last question. How would you solve this:

  • i don’t want any white space in the grid. I would like that all pictures have the same size like the landscape ones.
    I don’t want to cut them with photoshop, i would like that they aonly fill centred the grid in landscape size, like the other pictures.