Collection visibility condition

Hi there,

I’ve create a collection that contains some products, each product has 2 to 5 variations and have different images. I have created a slides with 5 slides to contain the product images. Because some of the products have only 3 images I have created a visibility condition to show the slides according with the number of images of each product.

It worked in parts, the products that have 5 images are fine, but ones that have less images are not. The products that have for example 3 images I get 4 slide’s navigation dots in the bottom, the products that have two I get 3 navigation dots etc… there is always one extra navigation dot in the product that have less than 5 images.

I did manage through visibility condition to hide most of the navigation dots, however there is this extra one that I can get rid of.

I would appreciate if some one could have a look on that a give me some directions.


Here is my public share link: Webflow - Niagara Site