Collection view

I created a projects collections on my portfolio site. I only want 2 to display on each page, the other projects besides the one that’s being displayed on the current page. I’m not seeing how to get them to only show 2 instead of all 3 in the collection. I tried filters but I’m not seeing how to properly use them. Anyone able to assist with this issue?

HI @Winton_Brown, if you go into the Project-list-wrapper settings, under the collection list settings, theres an option for limit items, set that to 2 and that should fix your problem. Good luck and let me know if you need anymore help.

Thanks @John_Rich I do see that! However, I want to be able to swap out the different cards that are shown. I’m not seeing how to do that. I want it to be a different 2 cards per page.

Use the filter plus sign he showed.

I see. So theres a couple ways to solve this. Right now, your project is static page that you’re adding a CMS list to, so you can’t exactly filter out the other projects without adding a manual name filter to exclude the current project (Which would fix your problem but not the best way to do so)

Your best course of action would be to design out the projects template page under your CMS pages and then go in and add the content from the static page into the CMS fields of each project respectively. This lets you essentially design all 3 of your projects by designing only one page. You can add the CMS list at the bottom like it currently is on your static project page and filter option to not show current projects in your list.

Hope that helps, I’ll be around if you need extra help or other possible methods to solve this.

Tried that, wasn’t working for me.

@John_Rich would you be open to meeting via zoom or something like that? I get what you’re saying but I’m just not clear on how to do it.

Sure! Send me an invite to for here in about 30 min

@John_Rich just sent you an invite