Collection template looks different when published

I am building my portfolio and the way I have the images laid out on the template page look one way in the editor and don’t look the same when published. Its maddening and even in the inspector I can’t figure out why its not working the way it is in the editor. The code seems right. Its also inconsistent between projects?



Also randomly the published version will look like this???

Whats supposed to happen is that the display flex / wrap any images that don’t fit in that space. I don’t want to set the image wrapper to have exact width otherwise the wide images won’t go full width (like the second to bottom image) when they can. The bottom image is only 650px wide, as well as the two sitting next to each other. Why does the bottom image stretch to be the width of the parent if its only 650px wide? Obviously what I have in the editor is what I want it to look like. Please help! Thanks in advance.

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