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Hello I am new at web-flow and I have a question for two problems ! :wink:

For my online art gallery I created a CMS via Webflow.
One for artists their artworks and their biography.
The images come with a classical description of the art work and infromation on the artist.

Question 1:
When I click on an artists image and it opens showing the image and the text partaining to the artwork. What I cant seem to figure out is how do you go back to the previous page - in this case the artists page with artwork listing in one click?
When I cliuck on the image it brings me to the artwork template.

Question 2:
Still on the artists page.
a.How can I implement arrows that scroll me through his other artworks (back and forth) without leaving the page?
b.How do I implement my social media channels and or link to other pages?

As in following example: Frieze Viewing Room

I would be so grateful if someone could help me, I have watched so many videos but cant seem to find what I am looking for any ideas and tips?

Thank you so much in advance

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Munchiesadmin1 and welcome.

Q1: to go back, you can use JS window.history

Q2: use Webflow Slider and customise it to your needs

Thanks for your help. I’ll take a closer look at the part with the slider. But first the code implementation. I’ve tried it. For the code I have used the “embedded” element. At least here I realized that I couldn’t handle the editor. is there a guide or tutorial on how to do it? Or am I approaching the code implementation completely wrong?

I am still a beginner and I need help with this

you can just search YT, here is one example, or there can be another approach directly in Webflow to set your link to external page

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hi @Munchiesadmin1 if this was answer you have been looking for feel free to mark any answer as solution to be this request marked as solved