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Collection pages & collection lists – How to create a 'guide' (avatar) that follows you on every page

I’m trying to create an experience where user selects a guide (an avatar type illustration) on the homepage. That guide would then follow you on every subsequent page, offering advice.

I can get the homepage -> 1st Page interaction easily. It’s a collection list on the homepage linking to a collection page showing the guide you’ve chosen. The second click/tap is the tricky part. How can I persist my guide selection so they show up on other pages the user visits?

*Right now I’ve hard coded one guide into all pages beyond home -> 1st page. But I need the user’s guide choice to be there instead.

Anybody know how to achieve this? Is it possible with native Webflow Features? Or can I write some custom code to store variables (ie, the guide choice, and pass it along to all other pages in the user flow)?

Thanks so much!

Here is my public share link:

Pretty neat!

In order to convey information from page to page, you will have to revert to techniques that are outside the native functions of WF!

There are multiple solutions for this

  1. Use cookies that save the guide and also its state (if abandoned, it could pick up again) Its a good method for semi persistent storage of information across the domain

  2. Use URL parameter (will be one time only for the following page) and might not be that practical to scale and extend

You can also use localstorage and embedded webworker but they might be overkill and a little more difficult to implement and test

Thank you so much! Very cool. I don’t think I’ve ever stored information with cookies — I’m mostly a designer, not engineer. But I’ll look it up and see what I can do.

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