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I’m encountering several problems related to connecting collections and components within those collections. The most significant issue is that my collections are locked, preventing me from connecting them to the collection grid.

I created a new site to address this issue as it occurred on my current site, assuming I had made a mistake. However, after investing many hours into the new site, the same problem resurfaced!


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A collection list [1] will be “locked” to a datasource [2] as long as it contains collection-bound elements [3] [4]. You need to un-bind those elements in order to unlock the collection.

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I understand you’re referring to the lock icon (#2). Are you suggesting that this icon appears because it’s connected (or “locked”) to the grid?

I need to clarify something. The ‘Lock Icon’ I mentioned earlier isn’t the issue; it’s just a confusing part of the interface. The actual problem is a permissions issue, which temporarily prevented me from connecting the components to the collection. I noted similar issues in the forum, and it isn’t clear to users that this isn’t related to the ‘locked’ collection, but to access permissions.

Webflow’s lock icon appears to indicate that you cannot change the collection list source because you already have collection-bound elements within it.

Ok, I’m just going off of your initial issue here-

I’ve no idea what you’re referring to on this statement. Collections don’t have permissions, unless you’re on an Enterprise with some special features enabled? If so you’d want to contact Webflow directly, Enterprise customers have phone support.

I’m trying to guess what you’re seeing that explains whatever challenges you’re facing. Outside of Enterprise, the only possibility I can think of is that in the Designer you may have switched to Editor mode rather than Designer mode ( top right ) which has different capabilities.