Collection Page, Lists and Math

(I have added an update to this question in the replies)


I’m am currently building product pages for my website and I am trying to add weight and prices to reflect on different options that the customer can choose.

Attached is a mockup of what I am trying to do. My site has a lot more products and options than this small mockup does.

How it is built:

I have my products in a collection list which I then built their pages using the collection page.
Note: Both the base weight and price of these products are in here.

Their options I have in separate collection lists (Small Options and Large Options) based on product medications to weight and price.
So Product 1 & 2 both are modified the same amount so they would use the modifications of (Small Options) while Product 3 is modified differently and uses the modifications of (Large Options)

My Problems Needing help with

First: How do I get the Small Options and Large Options to apply to only the products that they modify? (Currently, when I attach one of the Option lists it applies to all products because it is being built in the product collection page.)
Note: I think I need to use a reference field, but I’m not sure how to apply it in the page after I attach it.

Second: I need the Option modifications to add or subtract from the base weight and price on the products. So each Product in the Product Collections List has a field for weight and one for Price. These are the base number or starting at numbers. Now in the Options Collection List, I have Price Modification and Weight Modification. How do I math these together?

Here is my public share link:
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From what I understand, the Collection Pages create Identical pages for each item in their collection. The only way to have different content on each page is to use content, that is in the collection items, from the Collection list that the page is being made with.
Collection page is made using Collection list 1. All content that you want different between the pages must be in Collection list one. If you pull content from Collection list 2 that content will be the same across all Collection pages made with Collection List 1.
So if you want content from a 2nd collection list you will need to use a reference field or in my case a multi-reference field .

Changes to how it is built:
I have condensed the 2 option lists to 1 collection list, named Options. I added prefixes to the names in the option list to differentiate between the options from the pervious 2 lists. I then added a multi-reference field to my product list, Then I could select each option I wanted to apply to each of my products in my product list.

Not sure if this is the best way to get what I wanted but it is working.

I still don’t know how to get the weight and price on the products to be modified my the option modification weight and price.