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Collection organization: quotes + books

Good people. I’m building a library website where each person has their own page as well as the books they read. So far, I’ve got two collections:

  • Person
  • Books

Where it’s a many-to-many relationship (a book can be recommended by many people; a person can recommend many books). When you click on a book, a modal pops up with more details about it.

What I’m trying to do: I’d like to show a quote from the recommender for that specific book. For example, when you go to a person’s page and open a book, there will be a popup modal with a blurb that says “I effin’ loved this” that is specific to this person. However, one book can have many quotes. I’ve gotten everything to work except the quote.

What I’ve tried:

  • A “Quotes” collection set to show conditionally. It was…clunky and didn’t work, though I think there’s some promise here. I couldn’t work out how to show a quote reference to the “current person”, only all of them.
  • Adding a quote field to the book for each unique person, but that would lose the dynamic part of it.

Easier to visualize (go to the People template): Webflow - expert reads

Public link: expert reads

Note that if you open the modal, you’ll need to refresh to get it to close again since I haven’t built the close interaction yet :sweat_smile:

Very nice! I like youe idea