Collection managed select fields


I have a form that uses select fields which the client would like to be able to add/remove/edit the select options as and when required. I thought I could do this with a collection managing the select fields in an HTML Embed element, but as the page that this is being used on is not a collections page, seems I can’t do what I had hope to do. Nor can I add an Embed HTML element to a select form.

Has anybody had any success trying to do this?


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You can custom build those select elements from a collection list using custom code.

Or you can try using Sygnal Attributes- but this part of the library I honestly haven’t worked with in over a year. Hopefully it works for you;

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I have tried doing this with custom code in the Embed HTML element, but I can’t add a collection to the Embed HTML element to output the collection set values to the select fields, this is the problem. Your answer suggests there’s a way of doing this that I am not aware of, could you please elaborate?

Thanks for the Sygnal Attributes link, I’ll take a look.


it works the other way around, as you can see in the link I sent.
The embed goes inside the collection list. You then make the data you need accessible, and write custom code to retrieve that data and create your select dynamically in the DOM.

The library at the link does all that for you if you don’t feel like custom coding it.