Collection Lists vs Option Fields

I’m working on a new site build and am having a hard time deciding between using option fields vs collection lists for a few fields I need in my CMS (at its core its a job board).

Take “Job Location Type” for example.

It could be an option field containing Hybrid, Remote, On-site - but also a collection list with 3 items.

Is there any benefit one way or another?

Is the only benefit to using a Collection List that I can easily create pages for each item on the front end, but I could also do this with a filtered view using the option field… right?

It’s kind of a dealers-choice situation, but there are a few differences;


  • Don’t cost you a collection or a ref field
  • Are exceedingly simple, no other data
  • Do ( last I checked ) work now in collection list filtering
  • Currently does not work with localization

Collection list + ref field-

  • Automatically creates a collection list page, which often has valuable SEO implications
  • Allows both single-ref and multi-ref setups = flexibility
  • Allows for other fields, e.g, maybe you want a UI icon to represent Hybrid, Remote, and On-Site
  • Works with localization