Collection lists next to one another horizontally? How?

I’m trying to put 2 collection list running horizontally next to one another, and for the life of me I cannot get them lined up next to one another, what logic am I missing here.

I have 3 CMS objects I want lined up, see this as a landing page of sorts, a conversational sale page.
A - Who is the author [ pulling from the Author collection ]
B - Who is the organization I’m talking to [ Sales conversation collection ]
C - Who I’m talking to [ Sales conversation collection ]

Cannot two collections sit side by side one another? [ left to right ]
Will I have to somehow include the #1 in the same collection as #2 and #3
[ It’s just a waste of time for the author to always have to upload his / her own photo ]

I’ve attached a graphic of what it’s looking like.
In green box’s
1 - What the design is suppose to look like
2 - What it’s currently looking like with collections [ but they are stacked on top of one another vertically ] in xRay mode.

Trying to get them this proof of concept today, so if it’s at all possible to jump in for a minute or two of guidance, that would be super-duper appreciated #thankYOU :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Ryan. You need to place both Collection List Wrappers in a div and horizontally align. Make sure it’s set to “Don’t wrap”. If you share your read-only, I can show you.

thanks Joe, that would be great

Is this what you’re looking for?

Exactly, a 3 pulled CMS one-liner horizontal layout.
Please tell me of this magic you did Joe? :smile:

I think I’m getting lost in the container being a flex box, and I really need to take some webflow layout lessons.

I’m going to try to mimic the List and Div block 5 layout settings, correct?

Any weblfow tutorial links you can send to me that you think will help me better wrap [ no pun ] my brain around learning how to manipulate the layout settings? thxs J

Cool! Glad it helps. Practice is the best way to learn. It can be confusing at times. Webflow’s tutorials are also a great resource. Flexbox | Webflow University

Great, thanks for the link.

Just a quick Q Joe and thanks for your help first off.

I’m wanting to use the Webflow CMS as a custom landing page micro site for my companies sales team.

that we can send out in custom email’s [ so that we can embed videos and kind of take the blah boring email to a whole new engagement level ]

Can we have multiple sales pages [ think blog post ] in Webflow
OR - does it only give us really one blog post collection of pages, and all the other collections can just be pulled into this ONE.

Desired outcome here, is to have about 5+ different sales page conversations, that my sales team can then come in and say I’d like to talk to XYZ about sales page 4 and then go in and add the custom information [ Who [ org / person > images ] and then intro copy at top of page and then any other custom copy on the page + static stuff like videos, images and sales copy.

Is this possible with webflow CMS?

Again, thanks for your time and energy helping me fall in love with webflow just a little bit more :slight_smile:

So, do you want collection pages to act as landing pages? In short, yes. Collections don’t have to be limited to standard content like blogs, portfolios, etc. You can get pretty advanced with collections.

The thing that’s going to help you the most with that is using multi-reference fields. It connects multiple collections so you don’t have to duplicate content.

Yes, correct.
Treat the blog post as a new way of seeing Multiple Landing pages [ with static content, but then using the CMS to customize content/copy inside each page.

Once created, and the author can create their own slug with a no robots follow, they can then link to page inside an email on a thumbnail graphic of sorts or just direct URL.

Does this make sense?
thxs J

Hi @joejola , sorry :frowning: I’m struggling to mimic what you had here.
Is there any way you can open up the Collection List Wrapper so I can see how it looks.

Where I’m not able to do what I want is, to have a collection I can look up that is on the horizontal plane [ left to right ] where AS I can reference another collection [ It always pulls up Author ] and never allows me to pull up Sales Conversations.

Only way I can get this done is WHEN it’s on it’s next line below [ never directly to the right of the Authors DB image ]

Here’s some screenshot I took, where I tried to mimic the Flex box container, exactly to yours
Div Block 5 - has now become div-theWhos

and I duplicated the whole container so I could play [ sandbox of sorts ] around without breaking the original one you helped me on.

thank you Sir


Ok, Joe, I think where the missing link was was in the fact that I needed to create a collection link
inside the Authors collection, which references the Sales conversations.

But in doing so, it looks like the pulling up of the badge and persons photo are hardcoded to the Author, when in fact I want it to be unique with the Sales conversation [ Blog post ]
so that the Who-clubBadge + who-personsPhoto & Customized conversations content/copy are unique to each page + all the static sales copy content [ images / video / text ]

is this not possible? or am I missing a step in how these are linked?
again = thanks :slight_smile: