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Collection List Wrapper Shadow Problem

Hello, I have a problem when using the collection list wrapper in my website. I applied box-shadow on my collection item and it’s shown incorrectly. Do you know any fix for this? Thank you ![image|690x454]

Just add a bit of margins around the top and bottom of the wrapper and it should fit it cutting off.

I tried to do this, but this method changes the margin of the first item and not the whole “grid”. I also tried adding margins to Collection Wrapper or to the Collection List

This is because you have used text columns on your Collection List Wrapper 2 to create your layout. Remove that and just use flex to set things up.

If I do so I don’t have the masonry grid layout anymore. Can you please be more explicit?

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Yep, you will have to use some other way of having masonry in this case. There were a few tutorials here I think. Either that or you can just add some paddings to your Link Block div.

I increased the padding of the Link Block and it works like a charm. Thank you so much!

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