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Collection List showing empty items - just recently (BUG)

I sent this bug into support, however, I havent’ received the auto-response indicating they’ve received it. So I’m submitting this here just in case… (Also, oddly enough, in my dashbaord notifications, it says there are no notifications from the past 90 days - clearly there has been. I think Webflow has been taken over by gremlins)

Support ticket:
I didn’t get an email confirming my last ticket I sent in, but I have an update to this anyway.
I had sent in the issue that with cms lists, it was showing “no items” found, even though there were definitely items.
In fact, these cms lists were already in use – just today I noticed that they were all showing no items found…

There’s a weird fix - if you remove a filter and then add the filter back, the items will appear again. In the case where there is no filter being used, if you just add any filter to the cms list, and then remove that filter, the items will also appear.

Weird behavior.
I took a video of this for you to see what I mean:

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Hi @Bradpaulp

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

The team is currently investigating the issue and working on a fix.

At the moment, this is only affecting the Designer preview, so the CMS Items should display as expected on the published site.

I’ll update this post as soon as we’re able to push a fix.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi @Bradpaulp

We just pushed a fix for this issue. Would you be able to refresh the Designer by pressing CMD+R on a Mac or CTRL+R on a PC and let us know if the issue is solved on your end?

Thanks in advance!

I believe it already was actually… the other day when I sent the ticket in I was told it was fixed shortly after…?


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