Collection list settings are breaking project interaction

Hoping I can get some help here. My dev created an “enlarge” element for the case studies I don’t to open as a project but rather just enlarge the image as is on homepage.

For some reason it seems to be glitching or there’s something blocking it? Trying to track down what’s going on here but can’t pinpoint the issue.

Any help here would be so appreciated!

Hello @theillustratrice, I’m having a hard time understanding your question? do you mean that for the elements that have the “enlarge” applied to them you want to open a modal? I see that you are using Finsweet attributes for smart lightbox, Is that what you are trying to use to trigger the modal? If that is the case you are missing the finsweet script on your homepage, you need that to make the modal attributes work. Here is the script you need to put on the head of your page

<!-- [Attributes by Finsweet] Smart Lightbox -->
<script defer src=""></script>

I hope this helps!

@Pablo_Cortes thank you thank you for highlighting this. Was able to tb with my dev and flag this so this has been sorted!!

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