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Collection list seamlessly populated with different aspect ratio images

If you make a collection list and populate it with two types of images, horizontal och vertical ones - the vertical images push the column/div/wrapper down leaving a white space here and there in the design. I know a few ways of avoiding this, but what makes this tricky is that in this particular use-case it’s really important that all images retains it’s original aspect ratio.

One example of what I try to accomplish, seen in the wild can be found here:

(Design-wise, I could probably replicate this in Webflow but I can’t really get it done with a single Collection list where the different aspect ratios are added randomly from the Editor)

Is it possible to solve this within Webflow without any scripting? or do I need to add some trickery java.

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Something similiar was discussed here. Maybe it will be what you are looking for.

This sure looks promising, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

This did the Job! it’s now implemented, thank you.

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