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Collection List PRIVATE, but Collection page PUBLIC?

Hello, I am NEW to WF. I have a client who has a new way of recruiting for tech jobs. He wants a vetted list of tech professionals to have a login where they can view a list of open jobs – that they can refer their friends for that job if it’s a good fit. So:

  1. The Tech Pro has to login (free membership) to view the secret list of jobs
  2. They need to be able to share that job with their friend, who is NOT logged in.

So it seems, the PARENT Collection list (list of open jobs) needs to be HIDDEN to someone who is not logged in. But the CHILD Collection Page (the single job description) needs to be able to be seen by someone who is not logged in.

So, can a PARENT page be hidden while its CHILD be visible?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @Larissa_Leeper,

I’ve not used them myself, but you might want to check out Memberstack:

Yes I’m definitely going to use Memberstack for the membership piece! I guess this is a Memberstack “gated content” question really, good call.

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No worries, sorry I can’t be more help given that I don’t have direct experience with their product (only spent an afternoon messing around with it) but it definitely seems like this would be right up Memberstack’s street.

Hey Larissa — yes, this should be possible. It might be a tad bit more complicated but we helped SwipeFiles do something similar with having both private & public collection pages. Feel free to message me directly and happy to share details. :slight_smile:


Its cool, i happy its hier!