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Collection List padding problem?

Hey guys - I think this is a fairly simple issue but cannot seem to figure it out. I’ve run into this problem before and found a workaround, but would like to just try and resolve the issue this time.

Here is the read-only link

As you might be able to see - the collection list I have below the date is messed up in alignment. For some reason, the grid won’t fill correctly and will skip a line. Its not a padding issue as I checked every item and its parent item for padding - none have it. Wondering how I can fix this problem? Thank you!

Welcome to the forums! Can you share your read only link?

Hi! Thank you for the welcome - for some reason that read-only link seems to not work huh?

Here it is -

@thomaskim_12 - is this what you’re trying to accomplish?

Yes! Thats the exact section I’m referring to. What I’m trying to do is to get three blobs in one line - not four. It could become four in the future but for now, I’d like to keep it at three.

Uhhhh yes… how’d you do that so quickly?!! Thank you so much!

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Glad it worked for you! If you only want 3 blobs on a line, make sure the collection item is set to 100/3% or 33.33333%. And when you switch to a different size screen, you can change that to be 50% to only show 2 on each line, for example. If this solved your problem, can you please mark my previous post as the solution so the community knows it’s solved.

Thanks, feel free to hit me with other questions in any new forum posts too!

Done! One more quick question though, just wondering how you’d replicate this on portrait mobile? Can’t seem to get that to work…

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What’s the goal for portrait? Like how many blobs, and do you want the vertically stacked?

I would say two for now, three at the most!

On some mobile devices, 2 across may make your items too small to read. You might want to consider keeping the 1 blob per line. In any case, here’s how to make it 2 or 3 per line on mobile:

Amazing. Thank you for showing how to fix the overflow issue too. I wish I could give you five thousand gold stars…

In all seriousness, I truly appreciate it. Thanks for all the help!!

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Anytime dude, lots of people have helped me too! Just trying to return the favor when I can. Best of luck with the build, and again, feel free to tag me in any future posts!

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