Collection list override

Is it possible to override content of collection lists? I’d like to start with the base template, but then expand it. Ie, trying to use it for documentation, so some of the items may require different amount of images etc.

Should I be using something else rather than a collection list for this?

edit: it would be helpful if for instance there was ability to exclude an item from populating throughout the rest of the collection list items.

Collection list items themselves cannot vary, but you can use conditional visibility to choose what parts show and what parts don’t. So one item might have a large image, another might feature a video, a third might have a small image gallery sample of 5 images.

It depends on what you’re building, but I’ll often have 2 or 3 “layouts” and then use conditional vis to show only one of them for each item.

thanks a lot, this resolved the issue

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