Collection list not displaying images/layout correctly


I’m struggling with CMS Collections/Collection list displaying properly. I have made sure ALL my images are exactly the same size in Photoshop but when I preview the page OR view the published page the images jump around and leave white spaces.

See below:

In Webflow:


When published:

Thanks in advance for any advice


Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Brother 2022-2)


share your read only link - ut helps to help :slight_smile:

  1. Can You upload the rest of the third image so I can see the order of the other images.

  2. If you are using GRID to lay down the images try to reduce slightly the size of ROWS and/or COLOMNS.

Hi Moshe

My read only link is at the end of the post, is it not? Here is again: Webflow - Brother 2022-2

In terms of images the third image is being pushed across into 4th position leaving a hole at 3rd place. See screenshots.

The layout isn’t a grid - it’s a two column Collection list.

Thanks again in advance



Thank You for sharing the Link :slight_smile:

Many words have been written about the use of columns. Bottom line: Not recommended. Try using more reliable friends, like Grid and Flex.

Hi Moshe

I just added a full width flex div at the end of the page as an experiment and it does exactly the same thing??

Any thoughts


did you ever debug this? i’ve faced same issue many times and facing it now