Collection list links not linking

Thanks for whomsoever can help!

I created a Collection list within a grid but the links are not working.
Similar to the collections I have on the homepage.
the category page links work (the only remaining element from the template I purchased)
where can the error be?
Thanks again!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi Dara!
Please share your read only (the one you shared is the published one)

So I followed the instructions and this is the link for read-only. I hope it works now

Hey again Dara!

What’s causing the issue is the interaction you have on the ‘Recipe Overlay Block’.

Remove it from the overlay block and add it to Recipe Image Block Category.

Hi @Dara if you are talking about recipes elements (thumbnails) from recipes page there is a simple fix as your element isn’t wrapped in anchor <a> tag (link)
here is short video how to make from thumbnails a clickable links :wink:

Thanks Stan Very clear, I believe I have figured it out. For some reason the link panel is not included automatically from adding a collection, which I had assumed it was. So now I know. I still have to fix the design elements but it seems ok. If you have a chance to check I would appreciate it. Again thank you for taking the time and making the effort, Dara
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Thanks alot Maria. What you suggested is a cleaner solution. Appreciate the help and effort you have made. Thanks!


I see you changed the design! (it makes me soooo hungry :smile: !)

It looks great Dara!!!

Oh thanks! I’ll send you the final website link when we go online. Thanks for your help once again

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