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Collection List Link leads to 404 page

I have a collection called Event Items. The collections correctly appears in multiple places throughout the site, but the link to the individual article page is broken. Not sure why. Please help.

Here is my public share link:

Here is the public site:

BTW, this isn’t the first time this has happened… Broken Collection List Link Last time it was part of a larger issue that was affecting many people. This time around no one else seems to be affected.

Hi @gregmwashington, thanks for your post, the reason the page leads to a 404 page is due to fact that the Events item template page is blank, there are no bound or unbound elements placed on the detail page you are linking to:

To avoid the 404, create some layout on the page, drag some elements such as a heading to the page, bind that field to the name field of the events collection and then republish the site.

The collection lists used on other parts of the site are bound to individual fields from the collection and display the collection content in the list, that is normal behavior.

Collection pages work the same way as collection lists, but the elements you bind to the collection fields do not need to be placed in a collection list , individual item fields that are bound to an element are displayed in the given url for the item. (in a normal use case).

I made a quick video:

Here is more info on the Collection Page

I hope this helps

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