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Collection List Javascript


I am using Magic (How to Add Member Authentication on Webflow with Magic | Magic) to protect pages. I need to protect Collection Pages, there is some Javascript that looks at the current page and matches it to an array. But I do not have the skill to make the array a path and include all the pages in the Collection.

The array

let privatePages = [
‘/incidents/’, // This is the slug path to my collection…it works if I use the absolute URL /incidents/incident-1… but I need to know if I can use something like . to accept any collection page.

if (privatePages.includes(currentPath)) {

The current path is formed by

const currentPath = window.location.pathname;

I have tried many forms to get my array to match the window.location.pathname. Without success. I could easily do this in C, but I seem unable in Javascript (still a novice).

Anyone have any ideas.


Solved… contact me if you need to do the same thing.

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