Collection List is not pulling in CMS projects

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if I just didn’t phrase my question correctly when I searched for a solution so hopefully this isn’t a repeat issue.

I added a collection list to a section in my site and when I tried to connect the list to my CMS Portfolio Projects, it didn’t pull in the names as it normally does. I thought it was weird but kept going, and when I selected the Grid layout, it pulled all of the collection items into the first grid only. I’m not sure why this is happening. It worked yesterday, but I deleted it because I decided I wanted to do something different and now it’s not working today. I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: (Webflow - Asha's Top-Notch Site)

I’d try adding elements to the grid that pull in the specific content I want

I tried adding the image of the projects, but for some reason, only the first project is inside the grid. The rest fell outside the grid and weren’t sorted like normal. I checked the CMS projects, and all the information is the same, so I’m not sure why it only recognizes the first one as a collection item.

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Hey Asha,

It looks like you’ve set the Wrapper to grid layout, but the wrapper doesn’t directly contain the items, so I don’t think the layout will work the way you’re intending it to.

I’d remove that, and put the grid instead on the Collection List ( middle element of the 3 in the collection structure ). That way the items will flow as children of the grid layout.

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Thanks so much! The projects finally started being into the collection list on their own, but your suggestion to move the grid to the list instead of the wrapper made them sort appropriately. I appreciate your help, everyone!