Collection List Grid Loads Items In One Cell


I’m trying to create a grid of locations loaded dynamically via CMS… where upon clicking one, it loads a modal with an embedded whether Iframe.

You can see a working version here:

When publishing the site, though… all of the collection items load in the same grid cell. See link and image below.

I’ve isolated the problem to the “Card-modal-wrap”, because if I remove this… they all load correctly, but have not figured out a fix.

Any help would be amazing!

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Add a “width” to “Collection Item” as I told you. Don’t use “Auto”.

Hi again Matthias,

Appreciate you coming to help.

I tried adding both a % width and a fixed PX, but the content still bunches together in that initial cell…

See example below of what’s causing this…

When deleting the Dynamic modal…

Everything works again. But the modal is needed. It’s strange that in the preview (with the model) everything works… but just the live site version is broken.


I have the exact same problem, I have tried creating grid CMS from zero and without any styling or collection linked it loads the items list only into the first cell.

Very silly stuff, I found out you have to apply the grid layout to the Collection List Item and not to the Wrapper.