Collection list dynamic styles problem

Hey guys.

I want to fetch color value from my CMS collection.
It’s a portfolio website for architects studio. Each projects category has it’s own brand color that’s going to be displayed as a background color. Everything works besides one, main category that’s called “Wszystkie” (eng. “All”). Text and background colors are not fetched properly and it’s a complete disaster. It should be all black background and white text. Any ideas why everything works properly besides one record that has some problems?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - 3XA - prototyp

If I am interpreting correctly, the colours fetched from the Kategorie > Wszystkie Collection List item are correct (the Kolor tła is #797979, and Kolor tekstu #5900ff). If you alter these colours in the Collection List item they should be reflected in the design.