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Collection List Column Layout Settings not applying to Tablet/mobile

I am scratching my head wondering why the layout setting under Collection List Settings is not applying to my tablet and mobile breakpoints. Changing it does not seem to have any effect? I can easily manually enter the width for the collection item… but isn’t the whole point of having a panel of Collection List Settings that you shouldn’t need to do that?

There is an easy workaround as mentioned, but I am curious why this is not working as I expect it to. Is it a bug, my fault, or just something I am missing?

Here is my site Read-Only:

This is something that has essentially been depreciated so I’d recommend always using the full-width layout option and instead styling the Collection List element with either flexbox or CSS grid.


Keep in mind you’ll need adjust how the individual collection items are styled after the change, but this method will give you much more control and mimics how you’d go about styling the rest of your elements across breakpoints.

Let me know if you have any issues :v:

Thank you Mikey! That makes sense, this is good knowledge to have. I was worried that I had disabled it somewhere.


No worries! This is something that @PixelGeek regularly mentions in his videos when discussing collection lists, but he noted in a recent video that he’s in talks with the team to hopefully remove these options moving forward to eliminate confusion.