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Collection List Box Layouts

Hey guys,

I am new to webflow (moved from Wix) and I am trying to layout my ‘Recent Posts’ section. I have it designed how I want it but I have a question on sizing:

Is there a way to make sure every box is the same size regardless of text size? As you can see in my link, 3 lines of headline text is a larger box than 2 lines etc. I want these to all line up. One thing I can think of is make the text sit within a box with a set height and centre it, but I don’t know how I would do that! To combat going bigger than the boxes, I would be setting character limits on the collection fields.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
Published Site: LINK

I am not sure what you are speaking about. To me you have fix it ,but here is a link that can help.

Hey @shaqueal thank you for the reply. Yes that is exactly what I want to happen thank you! Although, following this method, nothing happens when I set the top margin to auto on the paragraph text. What is it I am missing?

Okay so I have managed to line things up in terms of the outside box regardless of content but there is something I want to dive further into.

Here is something I quickly made in XD to show exactly how I want the boxes to be set. Regardless of text I want the boxes to stay their set height. Post title limites will stop this from going over 3 lines. (Same as paragraph text)

I worked it out. I needed to use TEXT BLOCKS instead. That gave me the desired effect. Also making my collection list into a grid helped amazingly.

Final result:

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