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Collection list backwards, work around or fix?

So I am upgrading my site to a new one using Webflow (used DW before). I have been pulling text from old blog posts and entering them in a collection list. I’ve been working from most recent and entering them to the list. Turns out the list posts from the most recent entered forward (ignoring date released (which makes no sense if anyone is listening). So, now my page shows the oldest entries first moving toward the most recent.

I don’t think there is a way to “flip” this, or is there? Is there a way to “copy” the entries? Maybe I can copy and paste them into a new list and flip the order going from old to new?

Clinical blog:

You can sort your posts in the CMS backend while in designer or the editor. You can sort the on page collection by making use of the sort settings in collection list settings. Sort by the desired date field.

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