Collection List and Blog questions

I have a couple questions with my blog Im hoping someone can help. Im new to this watching tons of tutorials but cant seem to figure this out.

  1. On the blog main page the Collection List is skipping a block (second row, left). Why is that and how do I fix? There are 5 blog posts.

  1. Can I move the blog posts around in my CMS to arrange which ones I want first.

  2. in the individual Blog Page I have a gallery of photos from the event. If you look at Mina & George’s Wedding there are photos uploaded to the Blog Gallery Collection. How do I make the photos show up on the post?

Hi @deanne107!

Let’s see if I can help you.

  1. The problem here is with the image in the CMS, their are all with different resolutions. So to fix it you can set the height of the image, lets say, to 300px. See image below:

    This happen cause you left the display: block. It set elements side by side, from the left to the right, but if they have differents heights, they have that behaviour you see here:

  2. You can use the “Sort Order” for that.

  3. You can add a image and select the gallery.

I think this is it. :smile:

You’re amazing thank you! You made everything seem so easy.
Have a great night!