Collection List Alignment Issues

So, I finally figured out the date / time format for CSV to upload properly. Everything on the site looks great until I just visited it again today and saw that my “Show Dates” are all aligned differently in their individual blocks. I have no idea how this happened considering if I change the settings on one, they all shift.

Anyone have any insight on this?!

Thanks so much!

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Paul Knakk Official)


How do you want this layout to be?

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Do this on that element and everything will be nicely centered on both home and show pages

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So this is what I see on my end. Hammered Steel is too far left, Pocono Fly Fishing is too far right…haha.

I will try to do those edits now! (I didn’t realize you could just paste screenshots into this forum…Sorry about that)

I made those changes and it’s as beautiful as can be. Thanks for the quick response. Appreciate ya!