Collection links to detail page problem

I wonder if I can get some thoughts on how to get this working better.

The content on this home page is a Collection list, each item has the first and last name of the person and their profile image. The names are fixed in position at the top of the page and the images scroll up in sequence from below. As the image for each person comes into view the name of the relative person fades into view. That all works fine.

The problem is that I can not get the names to work as links, if I wrap a link-block around the image and the names all the names link to the last person in the list. If I wrap a link block around just the names, the same thing happens.

Although the images work as links it’s not ideal as when they are over the image, and obviously should be active as a link but are not, it’s not obvious that the image ‘is’ active without a bit of hovering.

Can anybody see a way that I can get this arrangement to work so that the names link to the appropriate collection detail page and not the last one in the list?


Hi @grantsenior,

Could you share the read only link as well to see how your project is setup?

From what I understand of what you are trying to achieve, you should have the cntrl-B-list-name be inside of the link block. You can then set the link block setting to go to a collection page and use current as the collection page.

Hi there,
Here you go

Yes, I’m pretty sure I tried what you suggest, but got the same result as I mention above, but I’ll try it again to confirm.

Confirmed - I’ve just tried it again with the cntrl-B-list-name group moved inside the link block, and although the item names show as being active links they only link to the last listed item on the page. I checked that the link block is linking ot the Collection’s current collection page.


An update - I’ve managed to get things working by adding a scaling animation that takes the item from width + height = 0 to width + height = 1 over the fading in period.

By doing this the initial state of the list items is completely out of the way and the only link block being interacted with is the full scale, current one. At least that’s what I think is happening, so far testing is giving me the result I want.