Collection links pointing to webflow subdomain instead of cutom url

All the collections links are pointing to the webflow subdomain URL, insted of the custom domain url.

Manually typing the custom URL path works fine. So it seems like there is some issue with the collection link setting…

Is there a way to reset this or something?

instead of:

I get:

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Have you tried clicking on Unpublish for the .io on the Publish dialog, then publish only to the custom domain?

Yea – that resulted in a 404 page not found situation.

hmmm I have tried resetting the DNS settings. Removing all records and unpublishing from webflow.
After reconnecting, same problem persists…

It seems like URL links are working correctly on iOS (safari)
But not on safari for osX


ahhh never mind problem sovled…
Turns out it was on my side, surprise surprise.

That’s what you get once you start trying to bypass standard settings.