Collection Items showing above side menu

Hi everyone,

I’m currently revising my portfolio site and built a side menu that slides in and out of each page when the Contact link is clicked from the nav bar. However my collection items are showing through this menu and I can’t figure out how to have them sit underneath the side menu. Any help is appreciated!

NOTE: If you’re looking at my site, there’s another bug regarding the side menu interaction that I’m posting to another forum. link:
Here is my public share link:

I was able to correct most instances of this problem by changing the element’s positioning from Relative to Static. I discovered the affected Collection Items were set to Relative as opposed to non-affected Collection Items that were set to Static.

However, I’m still having trouble with the Video elements. These also have Relative positioning. But when I change them to Static positioning the videos don’t render in the designer and appear blank in preview. I’ve attached screen shots were I changed the first video from Relative to Static.

@mwik19 I had a look at the website, here’s what I’m seeing

Have you changed it since posting?
In any case, I’d suggest looking at the z-index. Set the videos z-indexes to -1 and they’ll always stay below whatever’s supposed to be on top :slight_smile: .