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Collection items order

Can anyone tell me why certain elements are not showing up when I reorder them? I want them ordered from oldest to newest but I get strange missing blocks.

This is what it looks like in reverse order (which is what I don’t want)

This is what I want but without the big holes

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Hello @Joseph_Gonzalez

You can use flexbox for this. Here’s how >

Hope this helps :webflow_heart:

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WOW, you are the man!! There was no way that I could have figured that out. Thank you so much it worked perfectly.

So just to be clear the blank spots where happening just because the list wasn’t flexed? I’m still trying to determine when to use flex and when not. Thanks so much for your help.

do you know why it looks great in Chrome but Safari I still have that issue?

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Hey @Joseph_Gonzalez,

Let me check Safari

If you change to 33% looks okey. Change 33.33 to 33%

Piter :webflow_heart:

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