Collection items on homepage not stacking properly

Hello, I am having issues with ‘our projects’ on the homepage not stacking nicely… I have a feeling the intro text is pushing them out… any idea on how to get these to stack nicely?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - DMC Projects)
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Hi Rose,

Use a CSS Grid layout instead. Here’s how-

Great thanks, that has helped, but I now have a blank space at the start of the collection space… how do I get rid of this??

You have a few competing layout styles in effect.
On your Project Item undo that float style.

It won’t let me change the setting, and also pop’s up with the message ‘Float has no effect on grid children’ hmm

Click the blue label, and undo.

It’s trying to prevent you from using float because float and css grid don’t make sense in combination.

I didn’t have any problem undoing it in readonly view.
If you can’t, you might temporarily change the collection list back to display block, remove the float, and then change it back to CSS grid.

Awesome thanks all fixed :slight_smile:

Argh I seem to be having issues on these pages (projects and project template pages), but the above fix does not work, any ideas?

So, strangely, there’s a clearfix on the parent, which is usuallly related to float-based layouts. I’m not sure why, but here’s how to force Webflow to discard that.

Thank you for this! all fixed :slight_smile:

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