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Collection item updated webhook workaround

Hello! I see from another thread that a webhook for an updated collection item might be available soon. If that, that would easily solve my issue.

In the meantime, I’m wondering if anyone knows a good workaround:

We have a separate backend where the master copy of data is kept and synchronized to several locations, including our website. There is one situation where it’s much easier to edit in the webflow editor – editing a rich text field with embedded images. (The backend is airtable, which very not great at that. Also, unless I’m missing something this means the editing has to be done on the page itself, and not inside the collection editor.)

I’d love for there to be a way to send the data back once it’s been edited and notify a script that it’s time to update everywhere else. Manual triggering is fine, but I’d like the user to not have to navigate to another page.

So again, I’m looking for a solution where the user edits a rich text field in the webflow editor, hits publish, then does something else to trigger our airtable backend.


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